Low market value potential project Neopin launches DeFi Carnival event to share 10,000 U bonus - including tutorials.


On February 16, 2024, the two major blockchain platforms, Klaytn and Finschia, announced their merger into a unified mainnet called Project Dragon. The goal of Project Dragon is to create a giant blockchain in Asia by organically combining two ecosystems and assets, leading the growth of the Web3 market in Asia. The merged new chain will be compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos, and the existing KLAY and FNSA will be replaced by a unified token.


Behind them are the two major technology giants in South Korea and Japan, Kakao and Line, which are equivalent to the South Korean version of WeChat and the Japanese version of WeChat. After the merger, they became the second largest project jointly created by South Korea and Japan. Both South Korea and Japan are crypto-friendly countries, with a high percentage of young people holding cryptocurrencies, so the merged L1 is also highly anticipated.

DeFi Infrastructure Neopin

Neopin has launched the first cross-chain bridge for the merger of Klaytn and Finschia, supporting bidirectional cross-chain between Ethereum and Klaytn, as well as Finschia and Klaytn. It also provides DeFi infrastructure for Project Dragon, including Yield Farming, Swap, Staking, Bridge, etc.


Neopin aims to provide users with higher trust and stability by implementing a regulatory framework and bridging the gap between TradiFi and DeFi spaces. Currently, it supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Cosmos, Klaytn, Finschia, and Tron.

Compared to other on-chain projects, Neopin has obvious advantages:

  1. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Neopin has obtained a license from the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and jointly formulated the first DeFi regulatory guidelines in the United Arab Emirates, making Neopin the only licensed DeFi service provider in the birthplace of traditional finance.

  1. Selected by ADIO

NEOPIN has been selected to join the innovation program of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), which operates the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates, attracting direct and indirect investments. NEOPIN has received investment from Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (the owner of Manchester City FC)'s investment fund.

  1. Strong team with deep expertise in Web3

Neopin has a team of 35 members from major institutions such as Binance, Crypto.com, BNB Chain, Gnosis, Samsung, Coupang, Neowiz, CJ ENM, etc. Since 2018, Neopin has been running validators for Ethereum and Cosmos. The team has deep expertise in Web3 and comes from well-known confidential institutions, with a profound understanding of the crypto ecosystem and prospects.

  1. Easy-to-use mobile Dapp

Most on-chain projects only have a web interface. To maximize user experience, Neopin has launched a Dapp that supports iOS and Android systems, allowing users to securely manage their crypto assets on their mobile phones. It also maintains complete decentralization and on-chainization of all financial services through built-in non-custodial wallets.

DeFi Carnival, sharing 10,000U rewards

Neopin recently updated its roadmap, launching Finschia Bridge, adding USDT support to EVM Bridge, and introducing new liquidity pools. The TVL has been consistently growing and achieved a 30% increase in the past month.


To allow more people to experience the charm of DeFi, Neopin has launched the DeFi Carnival event, distributing 10,000 USDT in rewards.


Event 1: Bridge USDT and FNSA through NEOPIN Bridge

Deadline: March 11, 13:00

Prize pool: 3,000 USDT

Announcement of winners: On or before March 18

Reward distribution: On or before March 25

Bridge link: https://neopin.io/bridge/


Prize distribution: (Cumulative amount during the event)

Users who bridge the highest amount of USDT and FSNA to KLAY will each receive a reward of 350 USDT
Second place will each receive 250 USDT
Third place will each receive 150 USDT
50 lucky prize winners will each receive 30 USDT (25 for USDT and 25 for FNSA)
Having a higher NEOPIN Club membership level will increase your chances of winning

Event 2: NEOPIN Trading Competition

Deadline: March 11, 13:00

Prize pool: 7,000 USDT

Announcement of winners: On or before March 18

Reward distribution: On or before March 25

Trading link: neopin.io/swap



Prize distribution: (Cumulative amount during the event)

The top five traders with the highest trading volume will receive 700 USDT, 500 USDT, 300 USDT, and 200 USDT respectively
170 lucky users will each receive 30 USDT
Having a higher NEOPIN Club membership level will increase your chances of winning

Participation Tutorial

Event 1: Cross-chain

Eligible users include NEOPIN users who connect their wallets to NEOPIN Web using MetaMask, Kaikas, and DOSI Vault.

Operation: Connect USDT and/or FNSA to the Klaytn network through NEOPIN EVM and Finschia Bridge, which includes two types of cross-chain operations:
EVM Cross-chain → Cross-chain using USDT between ETH and Klaytn

Finschia Cross-chain → Cross-chain using FNSA between Klaytn and Finschia

The first step is to perform EVM cross-chain. First, add the Klaytn network in the MetaMask wallet. Link: https://chainlist.org/?search=klay

Then, prepare ETH as gas on the Ethereum network and prepare USDT for cross-chain. Buy some KLAY and send it to the Klaytn network.

Open the website: https://neopin.io/bridge/, click "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner, and select the MetaMask wallet to connect. You can also choose Kaikas or DOSI Vault according to your wallet.


As shown in the figure below, 1/ Select USDT; 2/ Fill in the cross-chain amount; 3/ Click "Approve".


Then click "Approve" in the wallet and wait for the approval to succeed.


Click "Convert", confirm in the wallet, and wait for the successful cross-chain to complete the first task.


The second step is to use FNSA for cross-chain between Klaytn and Finschia.

Finschia only supports the DOSI Vault wallet. Open the DOSI Vault plugin download link to download the wallet:


In the DOSI Vault wallet, prepare enough FNSA and click "Bridge" at the top of the page, then select Finschia Bridge.


Connect both the MetaMask wallet and the DOSI Vault wallet.


Fill in the cross-chain amount, click "Convert", confirm in the wallet, and wait for the successful cross-chain to complete the second task.


Event 2: Trading Competition

Eligible users: NEOPIN users, including those connected with MetaMask and Kaikas.

Requirement: NPT/nUSDT, KLAY/nFNSA, KLAY/BORA, KLAY/MBX, at least one exchange in these four newly added pools.

Open the link: https://neopin.io/swap/, connect your wallet. Use the KLAY and nFNSA prepared in the previous event for trading. If there are other tokens required, you can choose the trading pair yourself.

Exchange KLAY for nFNSA or vice versa, fill in the exchange amount, and click "Swap". nFNSA requires an additional authorization step before swapping.


Promising project worth considering

Neopin is an essential DeFi infrastructure for Project Dragon and ranks high in TVL. Project Dragon is a blockchain jointly built by South Korea and Japan, where the number of cryptocurrency users and acceptance is very high, making on-chain projects more likely to become the focus.

Neopin currently has a relatively low market value, around $37 million. Compared to projects with market values in the billions, Neopin is still undervalued and has great potential for the future, making it suitable for investment.

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