Testnet 0 - AI Public Chain ALIENX Launches HAL Testnet Activity (Including Nanny-level Tutorial)

Recently, OpenAI launched a new generation of GPT-4o, which has once again attracted attention to AI. The stock price of AI hardware vendor NVIDIA has also exceeded $1000, with a market value of $2.6 trillion. AI continues to impact every aspect of our lives.

In the cryptocurrency industry, the market is gradually recovering from a slump. The approval of Ethereum spot ETF has brought more funds and attention to the entire market, and investors generally believe that the crypto market is about to enter a real bull market. As the best-performing track in this round of cycles, AI+ Web3 is bound to have even more impressive performance.

ALIENX, a public chain project in the AI track, has officially launched its testnet and held multiple events to provide rich airdrop rewards for testnet users, offering a rare zero-cost participation opportunity.


ALIENX Brings New Direction to Public Chain Development

ALIENX has been introduced in previous articles. It is the first AI-driven high-performance staking blockchain project jointly launched by Alienswap, Offchain Labs, and Caldera. It supports staking and profit generation for BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, and various NFTs. It has completed two rounds of financing totaling $17 million from institutions such as OKX.

ALIENX is mainly designed for the large-scale application of NFTs and blockchain games. AI nodes have many advantages when applied to the blockchain, such as solving the issue of DApp data ownership, ensuring data source and credibility, etc. In addition, the real data on the chain can also be used for training AI models, thereby improving AI's ability to process data.

In addition to ensuring security, ALIENX can also improve the performance and stability of the public chain. AI can automatically take measures to deal with abnormal on-chain data in a timely manner, ensuring that various security incidents do not occur on the chain. It can also detect the security of contracts deployed on the chain to prevent malicious DApps from stealing user assets, thereby protecting users' asset security.

From various perspectives, the integration of AI and blockchain nodes will be a major progress, and ALIENX will also shine in this track. ALIENX has recently launched a testnet airdrop event in preparation for the upcoming mainnet launch.

ALIENX Testnet Airdrop Event Details

According to the official plan and roadmap, ALIENX is mainly divided into three stages:

The first stage is the release of ALIENX and AEP NFT airdrop, which has already ended.

The second stage includes the AIX airdrop, social mining, node sales, and staking rewards.

The third stage is the launch of the ALIENX mainnet and the TGE of AIX, planned for June.

Currently, it is the second stage. In addition to the AIX airdrop, mining, and staking, the testnet activities are also a crucial test of the functionality before the mainnet launch, ensuring the normal operation of the ALIENX ecosystem.

At the same time, we speculate that the ALIENX HAL testnet airdrop event may be the last airdrop event before the mainnet launch. Since the event mainly uses test coins, there is almost no cost, making it an opportunity not to be missed for zero-cost players.

The ALIENX HAL testnet event will start on May 24th and last for 3 weeks. Participants can earn $ALIENX by completing testnet functions, including completing social tasks to receive test coins, swapping, staking, and deploying contracts. $ALIENX will be an important basis for exchanging mainnet tokens in the future.

In addition to completing tasks, participants can also invite friends to participate in the testnet event and receive a 5% $ALIENX airdrop, with no limit.

ALIENX has also recently launched a staking activity. By participating in social interactions and staking tokens, participants can not only obtain corresponding staking rewards but also vAIX rewards. Joining a team can further increase the reward amount.

ALIENX's AI Node is still on sale. Participants who purchase AI Nodes can run nodes after the mainnet launch to receive token rewards. AI Nodes also support functions such as transfer and trading.

Airdrop Tutorial

  1. Go to the website https://hal.alienxchain.io/quest?ref=HBVXJQ to see the current official airdrop tasks, which mainly include social tasks, testnet function usage, and smart contract deployment tasks. The social tasks include joining DC and following and tweeting on Twitter, which are simple operations and will not be explained here.


  1. Mint Test Coins

Complete the repost first, then click "mint" and add the test network.


After adding the test network, click "mint" again to receive the test NFT.

  1. Cross-chain Test Coins

First, we need to receive a small amount of test coins from the Sepolia testnet. Test coin distribution websites:

Open the cross-chain page: https://hal-bridge.alienxchain.io/, log in with your wallet, and switch the network to Sepolia. Enter the quantity of test coins and reserve some gas fees, then click "bridge" and wait for confirmation on the chain.


After completion, return to the task page for verification.

  1. Complete Staking

Open the staking page: https://alienxchain.io/staking and log in with your wallet.

Staking supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, BTC, and Solana chains. Here, we can choose the Arbitrum chain and stake a small amount of assets. Currently, in the ALIENX treasure box activity, staking assets of no less than 20u can also receive a treasure box and have a chance to obtain vAIX tokens (click the treasure box link on the staking page). This will also be an important reference for future airdrops.


  1. Deploy Smart Contracts

The official provides a document for deploying contracts. Here, there are three tools: Foundry, Hardhat, and Remix. We will choose Remix.

Open the Remix website: https://remix.ethereum.org/ and select "ZH" for Chinese in the upper right corner.

Then import the smart contract code, choose any code, such as OpenZeppelin's ERC20 code, and the smart contract code interface will appear on the left.


Select the "mytoken_tset.sol" file on the left, modify the token name, code, precision, and total supply.


Click the "Compile" button on the left, select the "Use configuration file" option in the advanced configuration, and click "Compile and execute script". If it is completed correctly, there will be a green checkmark (√) on the left, indicating that the compilation is complete, as shown in the figure:


After the compilation is complete, click the "Deploy" button on the left, select "Injected Provider - Metamask" as the environment, log in with your Metamask wallet, and click the orange "Deploy" button. Wait for the Metamask popup and confirm.


After completion, you can return to the task page to submit the task.

  1. Purchase NFTs

Open Alienswap, switch to the HAL testnet, and choose a suitable NFT, such as Spellkey.


Click to purchase. If you don't have enough test ETH, you can use the previous method to obtain it through cross-chain.


Complete the payment.


Submit the task.

  1. Open Spellbox and Claim Treasure Chests

Open the website https://spellguru.AI?refer_code=cPUoqdK, switch the network to Arbitrum, connect your wallet, complete the social tasks on the left, and you will see the number of treasure chests on the right.


Click "open available spellbox" on the right, spend approximately 0.3u in gas fees to open the treasure chest, complete the task, and return to the page to submit the task.

After completing the tasks, you can claim $ALIENX tokens to your wallet.

  1. Free Minting of VAIX Web3 NFTs

Alienswap also provides free NFT minting for users. The minting will end after 15 days, and we only need to pay a small amount of gas fees to obtain them.

Go to the minting page: https://alienswap.xyz/mint/arbitrum-one/0x4A9223B7Fcd2aEf7C6D75329E202f603F5F3E84A

Switch the network to Arbitrum and log in. Click "Mint Now" to mint the NFT.



From the team's actions, ALIENX has launched multiple transparent zero-cost airdrop events this year, rejecting PUA and attracting players to participate in the ecosystem with real money, providing tangible benefits and airdrop opportunities. Its approach is more likely to gain market recognition.

From the perspective of project development prospects and innovation, the combination of blockchain and AI is an important trend for future development. From the user's perspective, it can not only ensure security but also improve efficiency. AI promotes the technological progress of blockchain, thereby promoting the large-scale application of blockchain technology.

ALIENX has a significant impact on the blockchain by combining AI and staking nodes, providing a higher-performance environment for NFTs, GameFi, SocialFi, and other DApps in its ecosystem. This will also promote the launch of DApps with better user experiences and play an important role in the blockchain.

Currently, there are fewer certain testnet airdrops, and more are airdrops based on capital and staking. Retail investors have no advantage in this situation. ALIENX, as the first public chain project combining AI, has great potential in the future. The testnet is a rare opportunity to participate, and it is recommended to participate and not miss it. Those who have the ability can participate with multiple accounts.

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