KoiPond Launchpad - A truly fair, transparent, and innovative BRC20 token launch platform

KoiPond is the first community-driven launch platform, which stands out for its pursuit of true fairness and community participation.

KoiPond adopts a unique proportional distribution mechanism to ensure a fairer distribution of tokens and reduce the risk of bot attacks. It is important that KoiPond insists on a fair and just launch, eliminating pre-sales or VC rounds, and creating a more equitable launch environment for the community.


🌊 Advantages of KoiPond:

  1. Innovative launch mechanism: KoiPond is committed to eliminating robot and whale monopolies, ensuring that every token holder has equal decision-making power. By adopting proportional distribution, anti-whale mechanisms, and anti-bot measures, it truly achieves fairness and justice, without brush volume or whale monopolies.

  2. Strong team: The entire KoiPond team is based in the United States and has rich experience and professional strength, providing a solid foundation for the platform's stable operation.

  3. Truly community-owned platform: In KoiPond, token holders will have more decision-making power. They will be able to vote on future proposals and benefit from community incentives.

  4. Easy to use: KoiPond has developed an intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows users to easily participate in the sale of BRC20 tokens without needing to own a BRC20 wallet or bridge funds outside of ERC20.

  5. Strong community foundation: The LBP conducted on Fjord raised $5 million with the participation of approximately 300 people, attracting significant involvement from large whales.

  6. Successful launch of multiple projects: The projects LDY and SABR launched on KoiPond have achieved significant wealth creation effects, raising more than 4 times the subscription and bringing substantial returns to retail investors. The attractiveness of KoiPond and the strong support of the community are undeniable.


  1. Notification system: By enabling notifications, you can stay informed about upcoming events and stay up to date with the latest information about the project.

🚀 KoiPond is not just a launch platform, but also a community that values fairness, transparency, and innovation.

KoiPond breaks the limitations of traditional launches and provides infrastructure and community support for projects that aim for fair launches, while offering equal opportunities for participation in the primary market for every participant.

Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trader, KoiPond is the best platform to explore more innovative and potential Web3 projects.

The initial data for the new projects has been good, so you can pay attention to the upcoming #IDO.

📈 Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOI_BRC20

Telegram group: https://t.me/KoiPondBRC20

Website: https://koipond.fi/

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