DePIN+GameFi+Top-level esports team, how does GAIMIN disrupt the Web3 gaming track?

DePIN Drives the Internet into the Decentralized Era

Since the popularity of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), more and more practitioners have started to focus on the upgrade and transformation of the Internet by blockchain. There are mainly three types of approaches. The first type is achieved through decentralized nodes, ensuring the decentralization of infrastructure. The second type is achieved through DApp applications, such as various decentralized applications we are familiar with. The third type is achieved through the contribution of various Internet resources, and DePIN is a typical example.

Although DePIN has appeared for a short time, its development momentum cannot be ignored. For example, projects like GAIMIN, Filecoin, Akash, and Render have made significant progress in this field. Especially when BNB Chain launched BNB Greenfield to integrate network resources, people became more aware that integrating DePIN resources into BNB Chain would bring more advantages to the project's development.

DePIN can also consolidate the infrastructure of blockchain. In this regard, BNB Greenfield obviously has a promising future. For example, the project GAIMIN, which integrates DePIN with GameFi, chooses to be built on BNB Chain. DePIN+GameFi is a very innovative and worthy area for in-depth exploration. What advantages does it have compared to ordinary GameFi projects like GAIMIN that are worth our attention?


GAIMIN Changes the Rules of Web3 Gaming

GAIMIN is a platform that integrates the Web3 gaming ecosystem and provides gaming services for both Web2 and Web3 players. On this platform, players can experience many well-known Web2 and Web3 games, such as GTAV, Minecraft, and Rust. GAIMIN has built private servers on these games, allowing players to have a Play to Earn experience within this area. The platform verifies players' assets and equipment in these games through API integration with digital currency wallets, ensuring that players' digital assets can be freely used and traded.


In addition, GAIMIN provides players with many rich features and scenarios, such as a game community communication platform and the launch of the Web3 Loyalty Program. This enhances team cohesion, and players can enjoy more benefits. GAIMIN also has the third-largest esports organization in the world, GAIMIN Gladiators, which is a powerful way to attract Web2 players.

Furthermore, another major feature of GAIMIN is that players can contribute their GPU computing power on the platform for game rendering and other scenarios. In exchange, players who contribute GPU computing power can receive token rewards and use them to purchase equipment in the game. These equipment can also be traded through BNB Chain to obtain corresponding profits. GAIMIN utilizes DePIN to commercialize GPU computing power, fully utilizing the valuable computing and application capabilities of game players' graphics cards. At the same time, the decentralization of computing power avoids the single point of failure brought by centralized systems.


For players, in fact, most high-performance graphics cards in gaming PCs are wasted to some extent. Even professional gamers often find that their GPUs are often idle. GAIMIN fully utilizes these idle resources through the platform, which not only achieves the decentralization of DePIN resources but also rewards players with tokens. For development teams or companies that need GPU computing power, they can also obtain better services at a lower cost.

Top Esports Organization Supports GAIMIN to Gain Attention

Another major advantage of GAIMIN is its affiliation with GG (Gaimin Gladiators), one of the top three esports organizations in the world. GG has over 300,000 fans and ranks third in the Gamers8 Tournament. It has also achieved excellent results in other tournaments such as DOTA2 and TI12 International Invitational. GG has a high level of attention and a large fan base in the Web2 esports field, which greatly expands GAIMIN's popularity in the gaming industry. The Web3 Loyalty Program launched by the star esports team GG will also increase user interaction and bring more users to GAIMIN's Web3 games.


GAIMIN currently has 65,000 active users and around 5,000 daily active users, which has been verified on DappRadar. The platform mainly targets the desktop gaming market and Web3-izes popular games, allowing players to enjoy AAA games on the platform while earning various rewards. This is highly attractive to both casual and professional esports players.

In addition, compared to other gaming platforms, GAIMIN has obvious advantages, including token incentives and applications, GPU resource leasing applications, game markets, token burning scenarios, etc., which are very well-developed. Increasing the application scenarios of utility tokens can further enhance market demand.


GAIMIN Token Economy

$GMRX is the native token of the GAIMIN ecosystem, which has multiple applications within the GAIMIN platform. These include game asset purchase and trading, staking, player rewards, and GPU computing resource contribution rewards. Through empowerment, $GMRX becomes an important part of players' participation in Play to Earn games.

Total supply: 100 billion tokens

Token distribution:


10% of the income generated during the game will be used for project development and contributor rewards, 80% will be directly rewarded to GAIMIN users and players, 7% will be used to reward stakers and liquidity providers, and 3% will be burned to maintain the deflationary nature of the token. The official team has also expanded many application scenarios to increase market demand for $GMRX.

The main use cases of $GMRX include:

  • Renting GPU computing power to earn rewards, allowing the platform to rent computing power to other companies or teams.
  • Paying for game items and assets in player games and esports activities.
  • Integrating games or activities into the platform for asset payments.
  • Rewards earned from gold farming, as well as NFTs, skins, and other items.
  • Some $GMRX tokens will be repurchased and burned, or reallocated to the ecosystem pool.
  • Game experience content, live streaming, donations, discounts, tips, and VIP subscriptions.

How to Participate in GAIMIN

GAIMIN currently supports multiple games on its platform. Players can download the official software to enjoy gaming and earn rewards, or they can use the one-click AFK feature to earn tokens. The operation is very simple, as follows:

Download link:


Fill in your full name and email, then click "Download for Windows" to download the installation package.

After the installation is complete, open the platform and register and log in.

Then click on "Monetization" to contribute your computing power and earn tokens. The computing power depends on your computer's graphics card, and it is recommended to use a graphics card with good performance.

You can also see daily rewards and achievements on the platform's homepage, and you can earn rewards based on the duration of your AFK time. Based on actual testing, the computer system resources used during testing were minimal and had little impact on daily use. It is speculated that either GPU computing tasks have not been assigned or the assigned tasks are minimal. However, rewards for AFK are still generated normally, so it can be considered that there is a guaranteed reward for AFK, which is quite friendly to players.

Unlike POW mining, DePIN's resource consumption is more flexible. GAIMIN allocates GPU computing resources based on the actual workload, and users can customize whether to run at full load. This minimizes damage to devices such as graphics cards. According to official information, GAIMIN already has 56,000 GPU users who contribute their GPU computing power at different times of the month, which can meet the needs of AI computing, rendering, and other applications.

Earning Rewards


Marketplace Items


Collectibles - Use time-based tokens, as long as you have enough AFK time, you can exchange them.


Supported Popular Games - More game types will be supported in the future.


Based on BNB Chain, Advancing Web3 Gaming

BNB Chain has a rich gaming ecosystem with a large number of Web3 gamers. Many projects are actively building DApps on BNB Chain. BNB Greenfield focuses on developing the DePIN ecosystem, and DePIN's decentralized resources are needed by many DApps and game development teams. Therefore, more and more Web3 gaming teams are supporting BNB Chain, including GAIMIN, which has established a partnership with BNB Chain.


GAIMIN chose BNB Chain for broader development opportunities and resource support. In addition, BNB Greenfield's support for distributed storage also provides more imagination for market investors. For example, will the integration and support of GPU resources or bandwidth resources be implemented in the future? All of these will affect the important development direction of BNB Chain. It can be foreseen that GAIMIN, with its advantages combined with BNB Chain, will create a more adaptable Web3 infrastructure and application scenarios, and even bring more stunning effects.

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